Who’s A Good Boy? – audio short

I haven’t updated the blog part of my website for quite a while. Almost 5 months to be exact.

I won’t sugar coat it, unfortunately the first four months of 2022 have been really awful. Creatively, that means there hasn’t been much to report on. It’s quite hard to create and dream and feel hopeful when you’re so exhausted, and when life is proving to be very difficult.

I won’t navel-gaze for too long, because things are improving, and I do want to share something positive that I’m very excited about. Thanks to the help of some wonderful friends, I was able to make something I’d written into a fully fledged radio short! Who’s A Good Boy? is a dark comedy I wrote during the 2020 lockdown, and nearly two years later I decided to make it. My wonderfully talented friends Laura Hobson and Kevin Murphy provide the main voiceovers and they are an absolute joy. We recorded everything remotely, and I have to say I was grinning like an idiot when I listened to their takes for the first time because they’re so darn good! You can find Laura on Twitter at @ayupitslaura and Kevin on Instagram @myusernameisawful and Twitter @TinCanToucanMan

So please do give it a listen! You can find it on Soundcloud, or on Youtube (captioned).