Who’s A Good Boy? – audio short

I haven’t updated the blog part of my website for quite a while. Almost 5 months to be exact.

I won’t sugar coat it, unfortunately the first four months of 2022 have been really awful. Creatively, that means there hasn’t been much to report on. It’s quite hard to create and dream and feel hopeful when you’re so exhausted, and when life is proving to be very difficult.

I won’t navel-gaze for too long, because things are improving, and I do want to share something positive that I’m very excited about. Thanks to the help of some wonderful friends, I was able to make something I’d written into a fully fledged radio short! Who’s A Good Boy? is a dark comedy I wrote during the 2020 lockdown, and nearly two years later I decided to make it. My wonderfully talented friends Laura Hobson and Kevin Murphy provide the main voiceovers and they are an absolute joy. We recorded everything remotely, and I have to say I was grinning like an idiot when I listened to their takes for the first time because they’re so darn good! You can find Laura on Twitter at @ayupitslaura and Kevin on Instagram @myusernameisawful and Twitter @TinCanToucanMan

So please do give it a listen! You can find it on Soundcloud, or on Youtube (captioned).

Neurons update

I’m very sad I wasn’t able to be there in person to see Neurons performed at HofFestSpiele, but both my interview and a recording of the play will be released soon. I’ll be sure to share those when they’re up online!

In the meantime, here’s a little summary of the play and some more information about the cast and production team you can check out…

‘Neurons’ at Kreuzberger HofFestSpiele

So this is very exciting! My short play Neurons, based on my own experiences of discovering my neurodivergence, will be performed at the Kreuzberger HofFestSpiele in Berlin this September alongside two other awesome plays: Shout Fire by Storm Jackson-Payne and My Body Was Not Meant As A Prison by Alice Rugai.

I’m sad that I won’t be able to watch the performance as it’s all the way in Berlin, but I wish all the actors involved, as well as the other writers, all the luck and awesomeness for the day! I know it will be amazing xx

Necrobiotic Ep.1, with Red Moon Roleplaying

Thank you to Red Moon Roleplaying for having me to play/act Necrobiotic. I play Giulietta, a Technosophist who is talented with machines but completely lacking in social skills. Check out Red Moon Roleplaying and show them some love on the socials! They also have a Patreon where you can listen to full uncut episodes and other delights!

!Trigger Warning! The narrative of this game revolves around the characters investigating a suicide. Please don’t listen if this is triggering for you, look after yourselves.

The Video Game Show – Clyde Built Radio

I did a wee radio show the other day for Clyde Built Radio, all about video game music. Take a listen, and check out the three amazing featured composers from the show, and buy their albums on Bandcamp.

Jeremiah George

Jeremiah George is a UK-based composer who has created soundtracks for games such as The Revenant Prince and Lakria Legends. The music featured in the show is from the soundtrack to Lakria Legends. You can find him on YouTube, on Twitter @JGeorgeVGM and on his website jgeorgevgm.com


Ninichi creates music for video games, podcasts, film, TV and more. The songs featured in the show are from the soundtrack she created for Shakey’s Escape, and she also has a new album out called Mystic Legends. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @ninichimusic or on her website ninichimusic.com


John Smith, also known as Slide20XX is a composer from the US who has created music for EyeWire, a Princeton affiliated multiplayer neuroscience game, the VR game Rec Room, and recently for a pair of anti-racism PSAs for Stephen Universe on Cartoon Network.The music featured on the show is from the video game Calico. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @Slide20XX or on his website slide20xx.com

Take a listen to the show below!

Live Table Read: There’ll Be Bluebirds by Lauren Shirley

I’ll be taking part in a live table read of the new play There’ll Be Bluebirds by Lauren Shirley with The New Works Playhouse. The play is based on the accounts of Ted Adcook, a soldier who fought in the Second World War. Tune in to the live stream on Saturday 13th March at 2pm GMT.

Tickets are pay-as-you-feel, as low as £1. To find out more follow the link: https://www.thenewworksplayhouse.org/event-details/live-table-read-therell-be-bluebirds-by-lauren-shirley – and make sure you check out other events from The New Works Playhouse to support new writing!